Welcome to Avery’s General Store

It’s 2020 and Avery’s General Store is still here. Avery’s has been a Charlemont institution since 1861 – over a century and a half!

During the past few months there have been some big changes at Avery’s – and there are still a few more to come. Our “Barn”, across the street from the store, has seen some major interior renovations and has been setup with new shelving to hold much of the hardware that was previously in “The Back Room”. The back room will soon be fully renovated to include an ADA accessible restroom, an office and a break area, as well as back stock and storage areas.

Throughout this process we have had to pack, move, unpack and reshelve many boxes of hardware. Some of those items are still in boxes and we are working diligently to get everything out and easily accessible once again.

Another major change happened in our “Seasonal Room.” The wall shelves in that space have been removed in preparation to move our dairy and beverage coolers along the side wall. This will open up the space in front of the big windows on that side of the store. We plan to once again use this space to offer many of the seasonal items everyone expects to find at Avery’s.

A fair amount of old, obsolete, or unsalable inventory has already been discounted for clearance, donated, or otherwise removed from the store. We look forward to rebuilding our diverse line of hardware, groceries, household goods, and traditional general store merchandise, as well as adding new products. If there is something you would like us to consider offering at the store, please let us know by stopping in to talk to us, or feel free to leave a note in our suggestion box (coming soon.)

This update would not be complete without mentioning the pending change of ownership of the store. Jim & Barbara Sinclair have owned the store for the last three years. As many of you know, Avery’s had been on the market once again and the building was purchased this past year by real estate investor, David Kong. Since then, the Sinclairs have been renting the store space as the business transitions to new ownership. The details of the new business ownership will be announced when that process is finalized. We hope that Avery’s General Store will continue to be an integral part of this community for many years to come.

All of us at Avery’s want to thank our loyal customers for hanging in there with us through these changes – THANK YOU!

We look forward to seeing you in the store again soon.


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